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Case Studies

Camanachd Association

One of the government legacies of the 2012 Olympics was that it was a target to have defibrillators and ELS training in every sports club in the country - both amatuer and professional. Lucky2Bhere embarked on a project with the Camanachd Association to place defibrillators into every shinty ground in Scotland accompanied with ELS training. To date we have completed over 50% of this work.

Where normally our training teams are within geographical boundaries on this occasion we trained the full time shinty development officers to deliver the training. Each individual club has carried out their own fundraising activities to make a donation to Lucky2Bhere for the equipment.

Portree High School

Portree High School was the first senior school to be introduced to the Lucky2Bhere ELS training programme in 2009. To date several hundred pupils in the school have undertaken the life saving skills that should benefit them in adult life. The training was provided by Lucky2Bhere trainers along with teachers in the school who themselves went on to develop the skills to become trainers.

We are now working in dozens of schools and it is our vision along with our partners to have this training provision in any secondary school in the country. This would bring us up to a similar standard with other Western countries where survival statistics are so much better.